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Please…. Don’t do a Mike!…

Meet Mike, a property investor who came to The Wealth Centre to purchase his 4th property. Mike was doing well, he had his owner occupied property, two investment properties and was purchasing his … [Read More...]

Big bucks and the FIFO Trap……

Meet Josh a country boy in his mid 20’s who is now working FIFO in the mining sector. Josh was doing well in the country and was able to purchase himself a house in his early 20’s in his home town. … [Read More...]

Early Retirement stumbling block…

Meet John and Sue a couple in their 50’s who have worked hard towards setting themselves up for an early retirement through property.  When they came to The Wealth Centre, John and Sue had already … [Read More...]

Typical Australian Family… there is got to be a…

Meet Brad and Jo, a happy married couple in their 30’s with two school aged children.  Brad and Jo have done what they believed to be the right thing; work hard, pay their taxes, buy a family home, … [Read More...]

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